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Want to sell?

Whether you're an artist, game designer, larp and cosplay-crafter, author, jeweler, potter, baker or other creator of geeky things you are welcome to sign up to sell.

If you are none of above but have geeky things you want to sell second hand you are also welcome to sign up to sell. 

These are the different spots you can book to sell at Sthlm Nördmarknad 2023:

Store spot

Store-spot (4*2m area by the wall including 2 tables and chairs, electricity, VIP treatment), we'll email price info.

Standard table

Standard table: 1 table between corners of table islands. Price: SEK 411 incl. moms

Corner spot

Corner spot: 2 tables in corner of table islands Price: SEK 994 incl. moms

Small spot

Small spot: 122cm wide*76cm deep. This is 2/3th of a table, made by splitting 2 tables into 3 small spots. For private people selling second hand products. Price: SEK 274 incl. moms


Rules are shared with potential sellers when they sign up. 

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