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Sthlm Nördmarknad

is a geek market. A big one, with over 100 sellers. Check out our sellers here


There is a huge variety of products for sale at Sthlm Nördmarknad; books, jewelry, boardgames, Larp, comics, tv-games, merchendice, home decoration and much more. The theme is mainly fantasy, sci-fi, and Asia-related items such as manga and cosplay. But there are some other odds and ends. You will find things here that you cannot find in other markets. 

There will be both new and second hand treasures to find. We welcome stores, hobby-sellers, and private people to sell their wares. Want to sell? Click here for more info. 

Entry is SEK 85. Kids up to and including the age of 6 go in for free. 

Tickets are bought at entry, preferably with Swish (there will also be a card machine). 

The venue is Solnahallen. There is parking, but we expect many visitors and thus suggest taking the subway, bus, or tvärbanan (to which you can take the pendel). It is only about a 10-15 min walk from Solna centrum.

We have a drop-n-shop, which is kind of like a wardrobe except you give us your shopping bags to hold!( not for clothing unless the clothes are in bags). 

Pictures from Nördarnas Julmarknad 2022 (Sthlm Nördmarknad will be very similar). 

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